The Name Babayaya

You might be wondering where the name Babayaya fits in.

I was trying to come up with a name for my Etsy store.  It had to be something that could encompass more than one thing since I planned to have more than just knitting and who knows what else I might do down the road.  It took a long time especially since so many good names are taken already.  Then suddenly remembered that my best friend used to call me Babayaya when she used to write notes to me in high school and I thought that would be perfect. So, I decided to use it for my blog, too.  (I used to write to her as Bubba Jean …I think it was so if anyone found a note they wouldn’t really know who wrote it).

PS. My husband read my blog yesterday and he thought it sounded like I was a single Mom.  I kind of feel like I am from Monday to Thursday because he works long hours and night shift.  We do have nice 3 day weekends though.  Really I didn’t write about him in the post because the theme was obstacles that stopped me from getting my Etsy shop up and running …and he really isn’t one of those obstacles.  I am sure he will pop up here and there in future posts.


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