So, My Husband is Crafty, too! The Beginnings of His Etsy Shop, JD original


The guitar stands my husband made for his and our daughter’s guitars. This is one of the photos we used for his Etsy shop,

I have touched on wanting to get an Etsy shop up and running for myself but not really ever getting there. It so happens that my husband is crafty, too.  He makes these fabulous guitar and ukulele stands. I love how simple they are and of course, I love how rustic they are.  We stand them on the floor and display them in the corner of our living room. They turn the guitars into art. Aren’t they gorgeous?

He decided, with my encouragement, to sell them. So, it being easier to market someone else’s creativity than my own I started working on an Etsy shop for him. Wow, it sure takes a lot of work! I had bought this book, How to Sell Your Crafts Online, almost a year ago when I was first getting serious about doing a shop for myself. So far it has helped a lot but I still have a ways to go. And it has taken me hours to get this far.

At first we didn’t have the greatest pictures but I was getting frustrated with the stop and start of setting up the shop. I was hoping to set up all the details of the shop and then put in the photos and listings later. However, it appears Etsy doesn’t let you do that. You almost start with the listings. So I threw the crappy photos up to begin with because it was starting to look like we were never going to move forward on this otherwise. My husband works night shift and does his 40 hours in 4 days. So we don’t actually have much time to talk to each other during the week and usually that time is reserved for the essential stuff that relates to our girly and such.

Once we had the listings up and running my husband had himself a shop. I did a quick shout out on his Facebook, my Facebook, and my twitter (he doesn’t have one …yet).  And amazingly we got quite a few views. Now to only get some good pictures up, a few more listings and fill in the shop descriptions, etc. The other big stumbling block we had was shipping. I did a rough estimate based on the Canada Post site but this still requires some more work. We don’t want to over charge people but we also don’t want to end up paying too much shipping ourselves and losing money altogether. Also, we would like to be able to figure out how to have no shipping if their are local people who can pick up. This is obviously going to take more hours of research and figuring. I also have more reading of that book to do.

This last weekend we got quite a lot done with new pictures. That alone took hours. But now that we have done the initial work of what works and what doesn’t it will take much less time in the future. I found (after a long time spent looking at loads of different ones) a font my husband liked for his shop title, printed it out and traced it in chalk onto our chalkboard table. I love the way it turned out. You can see it in the picture above. Then I spent a bunch of time taking pictures of the guitar stands. This also took a lot of time. They didn’t stand out against the black chalkboard background so I had to find something to put them on that would make them stand out. Finally, I found this pillow case and I think it does the trick nicely. Of course, I had to pull out the iron and iron it first. After all that I had to still make adjustments for lighting. And then it all came together and we have new lovely photos for his shop. Yay!

My sister loves the guitar stands, too and she nicely posted the shop on her twitter and her blog, too. We are a lot closer but we still have a lot of work to do. My husband is busy making a ukulele stand for me and for us to take photos of for the ukulele listing. It is now done so I will be back to the picture taking soon. My daughter has taken over the table with play doh though so I will have to wait to clean it up and see if I can save the smudged font. If not I can start over. That’s okay, too. When I go into creative mode I tend to block out the world around me. I couldn’t have done the above photo shoot if my husband hadn’t been home to play with our daughter while I did it. Otherwise it would have probably taken me days. Now that I have the photo set up figured out I can probably get some photos taken quite quickly with just me at home with the girly.

I also have to work on completing the shop message and anything else we might want to say in the JD original shop.  My mind has been working on that in the background as I go about my days so hopefully I can sit down and get it on the screen soon. And, of course, I still have to get to fine tuning the shipping and I have a couple of ideas on how to tweak the listings, too. My husband is also brainstorming other things he can make that wouldn’t be too difficult to ship (he has also made me an awesome counter table for the kitchen, a giant wooden A for our daughter, square shelves etc.) … he loves to create. I suspect this will be an ongoing work in progress for some time. If anything, it has given me lots of great experience for my own shop which will hopefully happen sooner than later. For that first I have to get some crafty stuff completed so I have things to sell.

If you love the guitar stands, too please feel free to share with your friends!


17 thoughts on “So, My Husband is Crafty, too! The Beginnings of His Etsy Shop, JD original

    • It has certainly been a learning experience (and still is). It’s funny because when I finally started to blog I thought I would be writing about all the things that have been getting in the way of my crafting. As it turns out the blog seems to have set the intent to get going on the crafting!

      • …and the intent is everything! Without the intent to succeed and do, and if our message to self is complete with barriers then NOT doing becomes our intent. I’ve got two chairs and two tables, and a small desk in the wings to get busy on… When they are done they’ll be posted on my blog. All I need, or so I’m told is an Etsy and a Pinterest account to get my stuff noticed! Have Etsy and Pinterest helped you get noticed btw?

      • I think Etsy and Pinterest have helped but they also require maintenance, too. I find that there is so much out there that you have to have good tags on your items so people who are searching for things can find them. Also, I think you need to have a presence on Pinterest and actively re-pin things so people do notice you. Someone invited me to post on a board that thousands post on which has helped me get strangers to notice me (rather than just my friends who keep seeing the same things on Facebook, pinterest, etc.). On Etsy my tags have definitely helped people find me. I am sure I can be doing more …probably one of the things I should add my intent to. (By the way my husband brought home two rickety wood tables and the first thing I imagined was they becoming your british flag tables).

      • I’m hooked on the Union Jack…not so easy to sell though. I’ve got a commission for a Union Jack in the works and will do union jacks on my two tables. It seems shabby chic is still very big and of course anything painted with Annie Sloan paints… I’m going to try my own chalk paint recipe on the tables, wish me luck!

      • I don’t see why. Union Jacks are great and I see designer stuff all the time. You would think they would sell easily. My sister loves them, too. I use CeCe Caldwell paint which is close to Annie Sloan (which I haven’t tried). Let me know how your own turns out …I would love to know!

      • Where do you get Cece paint, I’ve not heard of it and is it more economical than Annie Sloan? I’ve never used chalk paint at all so this is a true experiment. Chalk paint was suggested for the two tables I procured a couple of weeks ago. I got them on a bidding wars garage sale site through Facebook. They have arborite tops…and that is why chalk paint was suggested. I bought them sight unseen:(( hope they turn out but if you think the chalk paint won’t work please give me a heads up with many thanks!

      • I got my CeCe Caldwell paint at Spruce Collective, a shop in Abbotsford. I am not sure about the comparison to Annie Sloan as I have never come across it or tried it. I use CeCe Caldwell’s Dover White paint for my signs. It is the only one without pigment so it is more of a white wash which is the effect I love for my signs. I did use some of their green paint on a piece that I had made out of MDF board which I was skeptical about but in the end it turned out great. I think the big plus about the chalk paint (CeCe Caldwell’s has clay in it, too) is that you don’t have to sand your piece to begin with and I love the rustic effect from light sanding in areas at the end.

      • Got it thanks. I like both pieces! Even though I like the look of chalk paint I’m not sure it’s in line with my own style. I need to try it though just to see if I like it. Generally I use modern masters paint… Which I love!

      • I haven’t heard of modern masters paint …now I am curious and will have to go check it out. I just use the chalk paint on the background. I use acrylics for the writing (or colours like in the union jack).

      • Modern masters have a slight metallic in them. Most of my tables have been silver union jacks, though I have done a pink UJ on a dresser and have a commission for one in gold tones. I think MM are mostly for indoors though if tthe finished creations are varnished I suppose they stand up to the elements. Home Depot and Rona also carry brands similar to MM which you get at Benjamin Moore stores.

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