It’s Been a Creative Weekend Over at Our House


I finally started to make some things, too. Setting up my husband’s Etsy shop has really lit a fire under me and I have found inspiration. I think we are starting to feed off each other because now Jonny is on a roll, too. He has been working on building pallet shelves and this weekend he finished this one off for us. I really love it. We put it up right away. We don’t have a lot of wall space but I was happy to take some pictures down to make space.


Jonny’s fabulous pallet shelf. It’s not the best picture as it’s already on the wall and the light there isn’t great.

I have always been a sucker for signs and have a few I have bought over the years. Of course, with Jonny’s wood projects he has cast off pieces that would make perfect signs.  He brought me in a piece of a pallet board and I set to work on cleaning it up, painting it and making it into this great beach sign. I am really happy with how it turned out so I went outside to pick out some more pieces that I could clean up and make into more signs.


My rustic beach sign.

I had shared the beach sign with my sister and asked her for ideas for other signs. She gave me a few great ideas. However, when I had the already cut pieces of wood I found that they spoke to me in what they should say. And these are what came out of them when I was done. I am pretty happy with them and now I don’t want to stop.


I am on a roll and don’t want to stop!

I later went outside with Jonny to look at the wood again and he brought over one long board that could be cut up into pieces. With some of my sister’s suggestions in mind I measured out what I thought would work. I washed the cut pieces up and left them to dry. The next morning Jonny was excited about an idea making a cutting board using the cut up pieces. He was controlling his urge to take back the pieces he cut up for me. Ha ha. He did find new pieces to use but I sense we may have a few negotiations over materials in the future.

I am excited that I have some pieces ready to go. Now for the bigger job of setting up my Etsy shop. But first, I have a couple more ideas of things I want to paint.




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