Now the Craftiness is Taking Over

When I started this blog I had been trying for a very long time to get to making things and starting up an Etsy shop. It seemed like a lot of other things were getting in the way though. Now that I have been inspired and finally taken the plunge it seems like it has taken over everything.

Starting up an Etsy shop is very time consuming. First there is the learning curve in figuring out how the actual shop works and putting it together. And then there are the next steps of promoting it. So far I have written about my shop on my blog. I have set up a Twitter account but I need to do a lot more work on that because I only have two followers so far. I have set up a Pinterest account and have done a little work getting it going but, wow, that is going to take some time, too.  I think I have two followers on there, too. In the process I stumbled across setting up a Facebook page for my business so I did that, too. I figure these things will be quick but then I am suddenly uploading pictures and setting up profiles and it takes way longer than expected. Sometimes it is good that I don’t realize how much time something is going to take to begin with otherwise I might never get started.

I have done so much work so far and I am really enjoying myself. But the more I do just makes me realize the more I have to do! And I still need to find some time to do more creating. I am realizing that I am going to have to set up some kind of schedule for myself. This will help both me and my daughter as she adjusts to me spending time working. I find if I can give her some sort of expectations of how much time I need it goes a long way. It doesn’t work very well if I start working and only give her a vague idea of when I might be done. That usually means she will become needy very fast. Of course, I also have to balance out time with her, too. If she doesn’t get that then I might as well not even try to get anything done.

As well, the housework is suffering with all the time I am spending on the shops. It isn’t the end of the world but it does get to me if it goes too long. It is part of my Highly Sensitive Personality. I am affected negatively if my surroundings are too chaotic and then that affects my productivity. This is another reason why a schedule will help me balance things out. I am hoping that as the shops get underway I will only need to do maintenance on everything, the learning curve will decrease and my time requirements will be more easily measured.


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