I Sold My First Item! (and My Husband is Being Creative Again)


My first sale!


Yesterday I sold my first item. It was the Flower Shop sign …my favourite one. I am a little sad to see it go but I am super excited to make my first sale. There is something so exciting about somebody wanting to buy something that I made.

Of course, the sale sent me into a flurry of activity over getting it shipped. New challenges came up as I figured out how best to prepare it for shipping. In the end, because it is an odd sized rectangle, I just wrapped it in paper and a whole lot of packing tape. I also included a handmade thank you card simply because I love when I receive nice touches like that with things I order online.

Jonny sold his first guitar stand last week so I had been through this already and was already a little prepared with some ideas in my head of what I wanted to do. I was probably in a bigger flap when we had to ship the guitar stand just because it was the first time and it was a little more of a tricky shape.

In other news, Jonny made this awesome table for his Mom for her birthday. Isn’t it great?

10157298_10152377972140820_2106303409_n 969941_10152377972165820_1896419747_n


6 thoughts on “I Sold My First Item! (and My Husband is Being Creative Again)

  1. Super cool making your first sale. I have resisted selling on etsy because of shipping and the cost. Can I ask you if you were able to ship the item for the same price you charged the customer? I love the table your husband made!

    • Thank you! It is super cool.

      And yes, I was able to ship the item for the same price I charged the customer. Actually, to ship in Canada is a different price for each postal code so I decided to estimate my shipping charges based on a postal code in the middle of the country and used Montreal. (I went on to the Canada Post site and put in my weight and measurements to do the estimation). This particular customer was in Calgary and contacted me ahead of time to see about price negotiation so I was able to go back on the Canada Post site to an actual calculation of the charges to Calgary and adjusted the price accordingly.

      Shipping is a bit of a pain to try to work out and sometimes I wonder if the cost of shipping prohibits people from purchasing items. I can only hope that people will love my stuff enough to pay the shipping, too.

      I love the table, too. My husband has started an Etsy shop selling guitar stands. We haven’t yet put on big items like the table because of shipping. We aren’t quite sure that it would work for such big items.

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