New Paintings in My Shop!

It seems like it has been a while since I have been able to work on my actual paintings. I have been spending so much time working on the behind the scenes work of getting my shop up and running. Today I was finally able to complete some more paintings. Yay!

My british flag and my scooter canvases are getting a lot of views so I decided that they would look fabulous on pieces of wood, too.

IMG_4636 IMG_4637

The very first thing my daughter says to me each and every morning regardless of the weather is “It’s a Beautiful Day, Mom!” It is such a great way to wake up it inspired me to paint a sign. I am not a morning person but she sure knows how to cheer a person up. The next sign was inspired by our 3 chickens just by seeing fresh eggs come into the kitchen everyday.

IMG_4638 IMG_4639

And for the last two I had pieces of wood already painted white and the words just jumped into my head. I love beach signs (which you probably would have figured out soon enough) and who doesn’t love a rustic looking welcome sign?

IMG_4641 IMG_4642


I have been having fun getting my shop together but I love the painting and creating part most of all.



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