Links to Our Etsy Shops

I have been stamping the back of my signs with rather than my Etsy shop simply because the Etsy URL ( is too long. I also think is more memorable. This way people who have bought my signs (or, hopefully, their friends who look at the signs and say “where did you get that?!”) can find me easily again should they want to. points to my blog though and I wanted a way for people to click through to my Etsy shop easily. Originally, I set up a menu item that has both my and my husband’s Etsy shops linked to it (it is still there) but it felt like it wasn’t obvious. So, I just figured out how to put links with pictures of our Etsy banners on the top right side of my blog, too.

It ended up being pretty easy and I feel like they jump out at you which is just what I wanted. Now anyone on my blog can link through to our Etsy shops without having to look very hard! Perfect.


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