Our Father’s Day Craft

I really didn’t know how we were going to top last year’s mug that we made with Avery’s hand print.

IMG_4834 IMG_4833

For a long time my mind was blank when it came to thinking about what the girly was going to make for her Daddy for Father’s Day. And then I happened to walk down the craft aisle in Walmart for inspiration and there I saw the t-shirts and thought “that’s it! …we will make a t-shirt”. I still didn’t know what we would put on the t-shirt but I recalled coming across some t-shirt craft using Sharpies so I thought we could just wing it with all the Sharpies we had at home.

But then, once home, I began to think about my husband’s likes and I realized that camouflage is really one of his favourite prints for clothing. And suddenly a light bulb went on … we would make a camouflage inspired t-shirt with Avery’s handprints. We just need some fabric paint in camouflage colours. So, back out to Michael’s we went for the paint. Once home again we had loads of fun doing up this shirt. Who doesn’t love putting paint all over their hands?

And, I think it turned out so fabulously I want one.

And hubby loved it, too. He put it on right away.


Camouflage Inspired Handprint Shirt


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