The Girly and I Had an Artsy Day


Our art from today laid out to dry: The girly painted two boards with lots of colours, one for her Dad and one for her brother who is here for a 3 week visit and then she did a paper version meant for me. I decided just to paint colours in stripes for a beach effect on wood. I am trying to decide whether I will sand it for a rustic look, too. And then I did rainbow stripes on wood and a cat and a butterfly on paper for the girly. It is fun playing with paint without trying to do something perfectly.

I do not tolerate the heat well at all. In fact I would quite happily skip July and August every year if I could. So, on these very hot days when the temperature creeps over 30 degrees I find myself hiding away from the sun during the peak hot times in the day and planning our outings for late afternoon or even better, after dinner.

Today was one of those days so when I asked the girly what she would like to do she replied without hesitation: “paint!” My husband had cut me some wood pieces a while back that I hadn’t got to yet. And it is these particular pieces that my daughter had been begging me to help paint. So far I haven’t let her use any paint beyond the safe, washable kids paint but I am a big fan of teaching our kids how to use things properly so I thought I would give her a chance.

The first thing we needed to do was paint the pieces with my white chalk paint I use for the background. I nervously set out newspaper everywhere as I explained as clearly as I could the importance of not getting paint everywhere and how this paint did not resemble her paint in any way. It turns out I needn’t have worried because she did great. Of course, there was a little too much paint on her brush and some paint globs here and there but considering she is a beginner she did very well.

After we let the white dry I got out some tubes of watercolour paint I have and we each painted two boards. The rest I kept to do some signs I have in mind at a later date. We weren’t done with the paint yet so continued painting on paper before the girly declared we were done. It was a super fun activity and now I have a vision of having an excellent assistant in the future.


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