Moving and the HSP

I just realized I haven’t written in quite a while. We have been busy moving. Yes, the dreaded move. I seem to move a lot which I find funny because I am such a homebody. You would think I would want to stay in one place.

This time a lot of things happened in our old neighbourhood that added up and pretty much said “you must move from here”. Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) I really need to be in a positive environment and am easily affected by negative. Finally enough was enough and the decision was made. My husband wasn’t so thrilled with the idea but something bigger was forcing the issue. Something was pushing me to make this move happen sooner than later.

It was the first move where I didn’t have a grand plan other than it must be done and I had to rely on faith that it would all work out. And it did and even better than I could have hoped for. I feel a lot happier being by the ocean so I decided we would move to White Rock. Even better than that we ended up finding a place only two and a half blocks from the beach! And there is a built in shop in the garage for my husband, a yard for the girly and the dogs and a third bedroom for me and my reiki and crafts. It couldn’t get more perfect for us. It really brings to mind the quote from Joseph Campbell – “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”

But as I was moving I was really aware of how difficult it really is for a HSP who is easily affected by overstimulation and chaos. And moving is really all about overstimulation and chaos. It starts with the extra tasks of trying to find a place to live. We rent so unless we wanted to pay double rent we needed to give notice even before most places are advertised. We weren’t lucky enough to find a place before giving notice so we spent the first half of September trying to find the perfect place (which we did) and the second half mad packing boxes.

Generally I need quiet time to offset the craziness of each day but during a move there often isn’t time for that. I am always excited when we are at least done with the old place because then at least the time crunch factor is off. It’s just a matter of living in chaos as the boxes get unpacked. There were a few days where I put the girly to bed and fell asleep myself and slept the entire night. Exhaustion had set in. You would think the extra sleep is a good thing and it is but if I do that too many times and don’t get my quiet time that takes a toll, too. I start to go a little squirrely with a little less of the tolerance and patience that I normally have.

With this move it has helped immensely that this is the kind of place that I walk into and my spirits are immediately lifted. We even have a peek-a-boo view (in between two houses) of the ocean from our living room window and it makes me feel so happy. This is only the third place I have lived in where I have felt that way when I walk in the front door. So this move, although crazy making in the process, is definitely a positive thing for this HSP. My husband likes it here, too and everything is seeming to fall in place for us. I have had work fall into my lap that I never expected and I found a little paint shop that has my style of refurbished furniture in it a couple of blocks away. I have already visited and they want to sell some of my signs. But more on that in another post.


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