White Rock Farmer’s Market

In my quest to figure out the key to markets and also to get more involved in my community I decided to attend the Annual General Meeting of the White Rock Farmer’s Market last night. I love farmer’s markets, the idea of local farmer’s being able to sell directly to the people and the people being able to meet the farmer’s who grow their food. It is such a nicer way to shop than the anonymous grocery store but that is a whole other topic. I also love the idea of shopping local and seeing the talent from the artisan vendors in our community.

What I want to say is that I was impressed by how many vendors showed up for the meeting. I was also impressed by how much the market manager, Helen Fathers and also the board included the vendors in future market plans. And really, they not only included but openly asked for feedback. Near the end of the meeting Helen even asked how the vendors felt the market rated and the vendors seemed to indicate that it was one of their favourite markets to attend.

I found myself wanting to get involved and even briefly considered the idea of volunteering for the board for the upcoming year. In the end I am glad I held my tongue because I am not ready. I would like to be more knowledgeable about the market and also have my market experience as a vendor more established. Perhaps next year?

I am glad I went. I met some great people and I got to know the faces behind the market. I am the type of person who really does like to know the whole picture. I also came away thinking this is a market I would like to be involved with. I will finish off my application and send it off today. They are going to jury the artisan vendors this year so fingers crossed that I will be accepted.


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