Goodbye 2015.



I have to say that 2015 may be the year that I am happiest to see the back of. In my whole life I cannot think of a more challenging year. I mean really, I had to know, it started off terribly with the loss of my sister. And then later my rocky marriage came to a screeching halt and I suddenly found myself separated. It was a year where I felt like things were being flung directly at my head and my job was to just dodge them as best I could.

As difficult as it was to lose my sister it was that much harder because she was my person. You know, the person you have that you tell the best news to and the worst news, too. The one that you can call and you can start mid sentence because they know the entire back story. The one that you are comfortable calling and then spending the first few minutes sobbing because you can’t even bring yourself to say hello yet but know that they don’t care and will wait as long as it takes for you to be able to speak. It was that much harder because she was my person I turned to when things happen like marriages ending and sudden separations that are life changing and so very challenging.

She was also my person I turned to when I experienced successes like the ones I experienced in my business this year. (She was my #1 fan when I started my business). Yes, 2015 wasn’t all bad  and through it all some pretty amazing things happened as well. I am proud of how far Babayaya’s Handmade Creations has come this year and I am amazed at all the love and support I have felt all around. It feels pretty awesome when people tell me they love what I make. I had bigger plans for Babayaya’s this year but I am happy at how much I did accomplish with all things considered.

They say that things need to fall apart in order to get better. That may be true but it is still hard to let go of the things you know and love even when you know you have to. This year has also brought me some strong connections and support networks with new and old people in my life that I would not have formed had I not lost my sister and my husband. Or maybe I would have formed them but not let them flourish as they have. If I had my sister’s shoulder to cry on I may not have reached out as much to my network as the need wouldn’t have been as great. And for that I am thankful because I have some fantastic people in my life now.

As 2016 begins I think that this year has to be better than 2015 but I know I am in for more change as it isn’t done with me yet. As bumpy as 2015 was I am grateful for the positive that has come out of the negative and plan to embrace the upcoming changes as best I can. The things that have gotten me through each day of this very long year is waking up and focussing on the things I am grateful for (I do have LOTS!) and the things that I do have the power to change. Oh, and having a good cry many mornings after I drop the girly at school has gone a long way…it really does make you feel a bit better.


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