Custom Order From a Photo

Wow, I really haven’t written in quite some time. I have discovered Instagram and have to admit that I will do a quick photo post these days as opposed to a more lengthy blog post. I enjoy writing though so I am making a mental note to try to find the time to write more in the future.

The reason I am writing today though is because this custom order I had the honour of working on last week needed more words. I have a customer who has ordered a number of things from my Etsy shop, both straight from my shop and custom, too.  I have to say it feels pretty darn good when someone likes your work so much they keep buying more.


This custom order was extra special though because my customer’s parents lost their dog and he was interested in having me do one of my silhouette’s to give to them as a gift in memory of their furry loved one. Of course, I am a huge animal lover and also still remember when I lost my beloved dog like it was yesterday. After having so many orders from this person I feel like I know him that much better and I wanted to make this one extra special. Ordinarily, I just find silhouettes of a dog breed and paint from that but in this case I thought I would give painting from a photo a shot. I am really happy with how it turned out and hope his parents love it. I also hope Biscuit is happily carrying mail and newspapers at the Rainbow Bridge with my dog, Stella.

This is the photo of Biscuit that I worked from to make the painted sign.


Upcoming Markets


I am always trying to work on new things so I have fresh items at each market. I have been wanting to do some driftwood pieces and think it is perfect to debut them at the White Rock Farmers’ Market this Sunday, July 5th since they are so beachy.

I have just updated my market page. If you want to see which markets Babayaya’s Handmade Creations will be at in the next while you can check out my market page on my website.

I am happy to say I have been accepted into the Town & Country Vintage Fall Market on Saturday, September 19th. This one will be in Langley at the Murrayville Hall. I had so much fun participating in the Town & Country Vintage Market held at the Apple Barn last weekend that I am anticipating the Fall Market will be just as great.

I am also going to be a vendor at the Fall MarketPlace Montage Artisan Market at the Ocean Park Community Hall in South Surrey on Saturday, October 3rd. This one is close to my heart as I lived almost right across the street when I was a kid. I love that neighbourhood. I am sure it will feel a bit like coming home.

And, I have been accepted into the Crafty Affaire Holiday Market. Yay! I enjoyed being part of their spring market and look forward to being part of the holiday market, too. The Crafty Affaire Holiday Market will be on Saturday, November 28th at the Elgin Hall in South Surrey. I love that this one is also close to home. I really love to be able to feel a part of the community I live in.

And, of course, as previously mentioned I will be at the White Rock Farmers Market July 5th (this Sunday!) and August 9th and I will be at the Deja Vu Vintage Market on July 11th. I will update my market page on my website as new markets are added.

I am always trying to work on new pieces so I have fresh items at each market. Of course, anybody can come see me in East Beach, White Rock, where I work out of my home. If you need anything in between market days or even just want to check out my lovelies on your way to the beach just call ahead to make sure we will be here.

It’s a Car Theme

Lately, I have been working on some car inspired signs which got me to thinking about the cars I have had.

My sister once accused me of being a car snob. She said I always seemed to have nice cars. I don’t think that is necessarily true. While I have always had an eye for nice cars the only thing I really require to drive a vehicle is that it be safe (although that was even questionable for the 1978 Ford Fairlane I got from my sister. Sometimes  it would stall while driving and with it went the automatic steering …that was one heavy vehicle to control)!

For many years I was single, employed  and on my own with just a dog to feed. So, it only makes sense that it is easier to have a nicer car. My first “nice” car wasn’t even that nice although I loved it.  It was a red 1971 VW Karmann Ghia. It was very rough around the edges and cost me $2500. At the time I found it I was driving an old Hyundai Stellar. I had always loved VW’s, especially Karmann Ghias (I loved the pink one Molly Ringwald drove in the movie Pretty in Pink). It didn’t take much to convince me to buy it. A couple of years later I was able to afford a newer car so did. I bought a VW Jetta. I loved that car to drive but it caused me no end of grief with engine trouble. After the warranty period was over and I had to pay for repairs (the same ones over and over although VW wouldn’t acknowledge it) I decided to trade it in for a BMW 323. That was another fun car. I could afford it while I was working but at the end when I could no longer tolerate my employer I sold my BMW without a second thought.

I ended up buying a really cute 1991 Nissan Figaro that had been imported from Japan. That was another fun car. Actually, I bought it when I was considering opening a yarn shop. I thought it would make a great yarn shop car (can you just imagine it parked outside the shop). But again I sold it once I found out I was pregnant with the girly. I preferred the idea of not having a two seater (well the back seat was so small I’m not sure people are supposed to sit in the back of it) and two door car with a baby and all the things that go along with a baby.

That was my run on fun cars. I had a Honda CRV for a while until hubby and I decided to go down to one vehicle to save money.  However, when his job changed and he started driving everywhere we picked up a Mazda 3 for me to drive. I have to say it’s a little fun, too.

I have been wanting to do a Volkswagen series for some time and have finally got to them.  While I usually do black and white I felt these need some colour.




And, I have also had the idea to do a Route 66 sign. When I came across this “rougher than most” board I thought it would be perfect.


It’s Market Season. I Am Getting Ready As My First Outdoor Market Approaches.

Market Season is in Full Swing! Yesterday I attended The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market in Maple Ridge. It was the first one I have been to and I have to say I really enjoyed poking through all the stalls although I was hindered just a little by the impatience of the girly. Really she did a terrific job, it’s just a lot to ask of a 4 year old. We took lots of snack breaks though so it wasn’t so hard on her.

Now that I am a vendor myself when I attend markets as a shopper I have a whole new outlook. I look at all the booths and realize just how much work must have gone into getting them set up. I was really impressed with the booths I saw yesterday and as I work on my first outdoor booth I feel like I have a high standard to meet. So far I have only attended indoor markets as a vendor where a table and chairs were already provided for me. Next week starts my series of 5 outdoor markets I will be attending throughout the summer. (Check out my new 2015 Markets page on my website for the details!) These require me to bring my own everything from the tent to the tables, or whatever I want to display my signs on. I found a rickety old ladder that I think will be a great rustic display piece.

I have been hunting for 10 x 10 Market Tents on Craigslist for months. Just when I thought I would have to give in and buy new (they are expensive especially when you are just starting up!) one popped up and coincidentally it was in Maple Ridge right where I was going yesterday. I ended up getting it and felt like I won a jackpot. It was still an outlay of money but I probably saved about $100. Yay!


My “new to me” market tent. I like that it’s red and will add some colour.

This week you can find me in my backyard with my tent set up as I move displays around and figure out what works best. It should be fun although it gets a little stressful as the market day approaches and I hope I am prepared for every possible thing. Also, we have an old quilt in our family that I thought would make a fabulous table covering for my last market but nobody seemed to know where it went. But my Mom just found it tucked in the back of her closet! It’s a bit tattered but I think it will add great colour to my display. I am excited to see how that looks.

I have said before that I really enjoy the White Rock Farmers Market. It will be my first outdoor market I am at as a vendor next Sunday, June 7th. The first one of the season was last weekend and, of course, I went as I did today. I just love seeing all the fresh food and other wares. Last year was the first year I came across peonies and instantly fell in love. They have been at both markets this year so far and I just want to know why I have never really known about these flowers before?! Of course, I have heard the word “peony” but I guess I never really knew what they looked like.

At today’s market I came across a vendor I hadn’t seen before, Pastiche Art. I only mention it because I was WOW’d. I love old window frames. I even have one up on my wall as art. I painted it a green/blue colour and I think it looks fabulous in it’s rustic glory. Well, I came up to the Pastiche Art stall and it was instant love. Brent Unrau, the face behind Pastiche Art takes old rustic frames and matches them with paintings. He had fabulous ocean scene paintings (another love of mine) behind the old rustic windows and the result is amazing. When I talked to Brent all I could keep saying was “they are all gorgeous”. You have to check out his fabulous work. And know the photos on the internet don’t do the work justice either. Go look now (link above)! He also told me he will be at the White Rock Farmer’s Market on June 28th …he goes about once a month & he will be at the Deja Vu Vintage Market in Delta on July 11th if you want to see he stuff in person. I would recommend it. Babayaya’s will be at the Deju Vu Vintage Market, too. I am definitely looking forward to his seeing his art again.

Now wish me luck in getting my outdoor booth display together and come see me next Sunday at the White Rock Farmers Market!

Wedding Guest Book Tree


I have been waiting so patiently to post this one! I was asked to do this wedding guest book tree as a custom order back in March. I was given a picture of a tree that was used to have wedding guests sign the leaves then the idea is to frame the paper and you have a piece of art and also a fabulous souvenir of your wedding. This lady wanted one on wood! How great of an idea is that? So, we discussed colours, font etc. and because the couple already have a child she asked me to add an extra bird in (awww!) Then I went to work and I LOVE how it turned out. Of course, because it was a surprise for the bride and groom and their wedding wasn’t until the beginning of May I promised I wouldn’t post it before the wedding. I certainly don’t want to spoil any surprises!! I hope they love it, too.

A Sign For a Beach House

This next sign was ordered by a lady who lives not too far from me in East Beach. She just moved in a month ago and has been dreaming of a sign (reminiscent of cottages that have been named) for the outdoor of her new home. Her last name is Pearson so she thought it would be cute to have a pier and a sun. I think it turned out great!


A cute sign for the outside of a beach cottage!

A Bit About Hubby and Me


It was our anniversary recently so I made this sign for my husband. It hasn’t always been easy for us (aren’t most relationships a bit of a challenge?) but I do believe we are meant to be together. I have been wanting to make this sign for him for some time now.

Anyone I tell our story to loves the fairy tale sparkle to it so I thought I would share it. My husband and I have actually known each other since Grade 6. However, we didn’t start spending time together as part of a larger group until Grade 11. Then it wasn’t until Grade 12 when we actually began dating. We spent a lot of time together and after school ended we lived together. Sometime in that summer I got pregnant. We both had minimum wage jobs and struggled to make ends meet. Neither of us had a plan. Being adopted myself, feeling like I had a good family life growing up & not being able to imagine being raised by a teenager I felt that our baby, too, should be adopted into a family who could provide him a solid foundation. The adoption went through and hubby and I spent the next few years in an “on again, off again” relationship. It seems we were always drawn together but at the same time couldn’t quite get past our differences. In the end we broke up and went our separate ways.

Fast forward 14 years. Through a number of coincidences I found out where our son was and even more coincidental knew people who knew his parents. He ended up living a few blocks away from where I was living at the time (about a 3o minute drive from where I lived when he was born)! Anyway, I started to see him walking with his friends and eventually met his parents. I didn’t want to force him to meet me until he was ready (which might be never). I had the insight of being an adopted person myself to guide me. So I sent him an invitation on Facebook to be friends with the note saying he didn’t need to talk to me …I just wanted to give him  the opportunity to get to know me a little without the pressure of meeting. (I would have loved that as an adopted girl …to see my birth families first before the scary meeting …and yes, I have met both my birth mother and birth father but that’s another story). He accepted but, of course, wasn’t ready to talk.

During this time I couldn’t help but think about where hubby was and how he was doing. I was anticipating being prepared in the case that our son wanted to connect and wanted to know about his birth father. I went to see a counsellor who specialized in adoption matters. She suggested that it might be a good idea to reach out to hubby before my son makes a connection because it might be very overwhelming if it all happened at the same time. This is very true especially for an HSP like me. It took me almost a year but I finally reached out and sent a message, also over Facebook, to hubby. We wrote back and forth and then talked on the phone. Once that happened we started talking on the phone every day. Then we decided to meet up. By this time I had moved a ferry ride away so he came for the weekend. And from there we spent every weekend together.

We still had that same connection. And now we were both more mature and more experienced. We were also able to talk about the past more easily and without the emotion attached. And then everything happened quite quickly. I was about to move (again) 8 hours away (to spend time with my birth father and be closer to my sister) and hubby wanted to make his intentions clear so he proposed to me. I said yes. We didn’t know how it would work out …whether he would follow me or I would eventually come back but we figured it would all work out.

We were both almost 40 by this point and knew we wanted to have another child. From all accounts it seems that it takes a lot longer to conceive once you get older …apparently not in our case though! It was like it was meant to be. So there we were engaged with a baby on the way. I never did make it up to my birth father’s (a missed opportunity for sure …I always feel a pang of regret about that). Instead I moved back to the mainland and in with hubby.

Even though I didn’t expect our son to send me messages I would send him messages to let him know where I was etc. So I did send him a message about my moves and then I connected him with hubby on Facebook when he first came to visit me. Then about a week before I was set to move he sent me a message saying he wanted to meet! He came over to the island with his girlfriend and they met us on the day before I moved back. He has been in our life ever since. Our daughter and son adore each other (even though they are 20 years apart).

They also have a brother from a relationship hubby had in the years in between. He came to visit us for spring break the following year so we decided to plan our wedding for his visit. We definitely couldn’t get married without him. Coincidentally, the day that worked for everyone based on his visit and days off etc. was the same date we met our son but exactly one year later. You know what they say about coincidences …it’s a sign you are on the right path.

(And by no means does having a great story make for an easier relationship! We still have our challenges but I do believe we belong together.)