Upcoming Markets


I am always trying to work on new things so I have fresh items at each market. I have been wanting to do some driftwood pieces and think it is perfect to debut them at the White Rock Farmers’ Market this Sunday, July 5th since they are so beachy.

I have just updated my market page. If you want to see which markets Babayaya’s Handmade Creations will be at in the next while you can check out my market page on my website.

I am happy to say I have been accepted into the Town & Country Vintage Fall Market on Saturday, September 19th. This one will be in Langley at the Murrayville Hall. I had so much fun participating in the Town & Country Vintage Market held at the Apple Barn last weekend that I am anticipating the Fall Market will be just as great.

I am also going to be a vendor at the Fall MarketPlace Montage Artisan Market at the Ocean Park Community Hall in South Surrey on Saturday, October 3rd. This one is close to my heart as I lived almost right across the street when I was a kid. I love that neighbourhood. I am sure it will feel a bit like coming home.

And, I have been accepted into the Crafty Affaire Holiday Market. Yay! I enjoyed being part of their spring market and look forward to being part of the holiday market, too. The Crafty Affaire Holiday Market will be on Saturday, November 28th at the Elgin Hall in South Surrey. I love that this one is also close to home. I really love to be able to feel a part of the community I live in.

And, of course, as previously mentioned I will be at the White Rock Farmers Market July 5th (this Sunday!) and August 9th and I will be at the Deja Vu Vintage Market on July 11th. I will update my market page on my website as new markets are added.

I am always trying to work on new pieces so I have fresh items at each market. Of course, anybody can come see me in East Beach, White Rock, where I work out of my home. If you need anything in between market days or even just want to check out my lovelies on your way to the beach just call ahead to make sure we will be here.


A Sign For a Beach House

This next sign was ordered by a lady who lives not too far from me in East Beach. She just moved in a month ago and has been dreaming of a sign (reminiscent of cottages that have been named) for the outdoor of her new home. Her last name is Pearson so she thought it would be cute to have a pier and a sun. I think it turned out great!


A cute sign for the outside of a beach cottage!

A Giveaway!





























Recently, my Facebook page hit 100 likes. It made me do a happy dance and think about what I would like to do to celebrate. Immediately, I thought I should give one of my signs away …but which one? I wanted it to be a sign that would appeal to a wide range of people. And then, I thought of the very first sign I made and thought it would be perfect for a giveaway. Who doesn’t love the beach? So, I set to work (the first one has long been sold) and here it is.

If you want to win this fantastic beach sign, click on the picture to connect to the post on my Facebook page. Then leave me a comment telling me which sign of mine is your favourite before midnight PST on March 1, 2015. I will randomly select the winner from the comments.

(And, while you are there feel free to like my page if you haven’t already 😉 )

A Gorgeous Piece of Driftwood


My sister in law found the most amazing piece of driftwood. And, she gave it to me! When I received it I thought it was such a great piece that I felt like it was an important task to come up with just the right thing to do with it. I mean really it is a one of a kind piece so I didn’t want to just paint anything on it.

It has sat propped beside where I work for the better part of two months now. Sometimes I would take time out just to stare at it and wonder about what I should do with it. Sometimes I would google beach sayings or things like that to give me inspiration. At some point the phrase “oh, to be by the sea” started making circles in my head whenever I looked at the driftwood. I have no idea where the words came from. I even tried to google it to see if that told me anything. It didn’t. I must have made them up.

Finally, this weekend I decided that “oh, to be by the sea” was exactly what should be written on it only I needed to find a worthy font. I started to scour the internet and after much searching I found it and I think it is perfect. I have fallen in love with this piece. I don’t think the picture does it justice. It is actually over two feet long.