Fall Means Break Out the Yarn …6 Cowls and a Hat

I get really excited about Fall. It is my favourite time of year. (I know I keep dwelling on this but it really, really is). Fall also means it is time to get out the yarn and get back to knitting or crocheting. I decided it was time to make some things with yarn for my shop and that cowls were the perfect thing. Who doesn’t love a cowl? After playing around a little with some yarn I had on hand I decided to go with crocheting a cowl (versus knitting). I like the look of it and I also find crocheting a little easier on the hands. I seem to be faster at it, too and I can easily stop and start at any stitch (an important factor when you have a little one at home).

I crocheted up some cowls and finally did the finishing (weaving in ends, sewing on buttons …generally the bit I don’t like the most) last night and today I pinned my husband down to take some photos for me. I much prefer seeing how something is going to look on somebody so I thought I should have the photos modelled by somebody. Seeing as I was the closest person in the house to who might buy them I volunteered myself. I figure people like to see the artist behind the art anyway so why not?

So, without much further ado here is what I came up with:

A longer, wrap around 2-3 times cowl.


My FAVOURITE yarn: 100% Organic Cotton. It is super squishy and soft and such a delight to work with. This cowl is wound 3 times around and COZY.

A shorter version of the same cowl. You just pop it over your head.


Also, in super squishy, super soft 100% Organic Cotton. A shorter cowl for a different look.

For this one I didn’t sew the ends together. Instead, I sewed on a button so you can button it wherever you like for looks of your own.


I love buttons and I love how you can change this up by buttoning in different places.

Then I found some lovely rusty red coloured yarn I had stashed. It is a Super wash 55% wool 45% cotton yarn. It isn’t as soft and squishy as the 100% organic cotton but it is definitely not scratchy on the neck (which I have a hard time with). I had enough to do two. The first one is a little bigger but only a little. I think it is a great Fall red.


Such a great Fall red!


Same as the last but a touch smaller.

And then I found this sage green cotton cashmere blend I had in my stash and though it would make the perfect cowl. It is also super soft but not as squishy as the 100% organic cotton. It feels great against the neck and it is a little lighter so you could wear it as an accessory all day long. (Sometimes the heat on in buildings prevents people from keeping the warm clothing they need outside on in the cooler weather).


Sage green cotton cashmere blend with a cute button.


And last but not least I knit this hat some time ago. It is one of the few knit hats I really, really like and would wear myself. It is done in the same rusty red yarn as the previous rusty red cowls.


Cuter than cute knit hat.


Cuter than cute knit hat view from the back.

And there you have it. The beginnings of the knit and crochet section in my shop. I have really enjoyed crocheting again and hope to do more soon. Looking at these pictures makes me think I really need a haircut! And while I was posting this blog I figured out how to attach URL’s to pictures! So, if you click on the pictures it brings you right to the item in my Etsy shop! How great is that?! It makes me want to go back to my previous posts and update all the pictures with links but I think that might be a project for another day. I have to go box some more files in anticipation of our move. (Isn’t it amazing how you find yourself doing all sorts of things you wouldn’t ordinarily do when you have a task …such as boxing up stuff …that you don’t really want to do?)


Ah, Fall …Glorious Fall



I love Fall. Partly because it means an end to Summer which is actually my least favourite season. I can’t seem to handle hot temperatures which means a lot of Summer days I am stuck inside until it gets cool enough to be bearable. I actually try not to complain about rain or snow or any other weather because my real weather complaint is hot sun. I would take anything else first.

I don’t actually like the extreme cold either, though. (It’s a good thing I live on the West Coast because the weather really isn’t that extreme, not when you compare it to other places). So this is another reason I love Fall. It is an in between temperature season. I would say I love Spring, too except Spring means hay fever so Fall definitely wins.

But really, the reason I love Fall most of all is for those sunny, clear, cold, crisp days that smell so fresh. There is something about those days that make me feel so happy. Those are the days that I will drop what I am doing so I can be outside and enjoy it knowing there aren’t many of those days until the next year comes around. That’s when the piles get backed up around the house but I don’t really care as long as I can be outside.

Labour Day is really exciting for me because that is when the anticipation starts …the anticipation for Fall. I have to admit I got excited when I saw Halloween in the stores in the beginning of August …anticipation of Fall! So this past weekend while others were out having their last summer fling before the seriousness of the new year started (September, not January, always feels like the beginning of the new year for me) I made a couple of Fall/Halloween signs. I couldn’t help myself. And, I want to keep them all. I think I will display them on my shelves rather than add them to the cupboard of signs for sale …at least until someone else buys them to love. I also plan to make some more, too.