I Love You to the Moon and Back


Guess how much I love you? This is my latest sign. It was on my list to make along with my other Valentine projects but I had to wait for the right piece of wood to come along. And here it is, a sizeable chunk so that it can easily stand alone on a shelf to display if you wanted. Who could resist a rustic well-loved sign for a well-loved quote?



My Christmas Ornaments are Done and in My Shop

I finally finished my ornaments and listed them in my shop. (Well they have been done for a bit it just took me time to get it together and take photos, write descriptions and all that fun stuff.

The wood ornaments are almost like miniature versions of my signs. They are actually made from the odds and ends leftover from hubby cutting wood to size. Back in September I had been looking at a pile of the wood bits trying to think what they could be transformed into when suddenly the light bulb went off …christmas ornaments, of course!

Here is what I came up with:


Simple Rustic Tree Ornaments


Simple Rustic Star Ornaments


Rustic Reindeer Ornaments


Rustic Heart Ornaments

And then I have really been loving all the tree branch ornaments I have been seeing. I showed my hubby the ones my sister made and the next thing I knew he brought me a pile of a sliced up branch he chopped down from one of his jobs. Here is what I came up with:


Simple Wreath Tree Branch Ornaments


Well Loved Ice Skates Tree Branch Ornaments


Pine Cone Tree Branch Ornaments


Decorative Peace Tree Branch Ornaments


Berries and Branches Tree Branch Ornaments


Sleigh Tree Branch Ornaments

And that has been my christmas ornament fun so far. I have done a few christmas signs, too that I am excited about. Those will be posted soon.

I have to admit that it has taken me a little time to do the photos. We have moved since my last real set of photos and it takes time to find the right spot in the house with the right light. Also, I used to use the wood floor in our old place as the back drop for my photos so I had to creatively come up with something new. In the end I (mostly) used a pile of driftwood I have as a back drop and I am quite happy with how it turned out.



Paisley and Flourishes

IMG_5337 IMG_5338

An idea popped into my head. It involved a flourish painted on a huge piece of wood and hung above a bed. I don’t have a huge piece of wood at the moment but I thought I could still paint a flourish on one of the boards I have hanging out in the backyard that are waiting to be transformed.

So, I started searching the internet to find examples of flourishes to inspire me. At the same time I came across paisley. And I thought …how could I have forgotten paisley? I love paisley. I have always loved paisley. I am drawn to anything paisley. I should paint paisley.

And so you have it, my two newest paintings.