Wedding Guest Book Tree


I have been waiting so patiently to post this one! I was asked to do this wedding guest book tree as a custom order back in March. I was given a picture of a tree that was used to have wedding guests sign the leaves then the idea is to frame the paper and you have a piece of art and also a fabulous souvenir of your wedding. This lady wanted one on wood! How great of an idea is that? So, we discussed colours, font etc. and because the couple already have a child she asked me to add an extra bird in (awww!) Then I went to work and I LOVE how it turned out. Of course, because it was a surprise for the bride and groom and their wedding wasn’t until the beginning of May I promised I wouldn’t post it before the wedding. I certainly don’t want to spoil any surprises!! I hope they love it, too.


Wedding Date Custom Order


I received another request for a custom order and they just picked it up today. Any time there is personal information on a sign I like to make sure that I ask if it’s okay to post it on my blog. You never know.

I had seen a couple of these signs with the Mr. & Mrs. and established date before and think they are great. Β What better way to commemorate your coming together than a piece of art to hang in your home? I have a vision of the couple looking at that sign fondly many years in the future. Plus, it provides a great reminder for those prone to not remembering anniversary dates.

Three New Signs and One Restock



For the musicians out there or those that host them.



A sign based on the World War II Victory Gardens campaign. It is done in the same font the original posters used.



I saw a photo that had this saying on a sign over the bed. I loved it and decided to make one in my own style.



I made a new joy sign after my last one sold. I find it to be inspiring and it is also the name of my aunt that recently passed. I think of her every time I see it so making a new one was a must.